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Hello! I'm Allison, a Creative Advertising Professional and Multimedia Specialist.  I'm excited to graduate in December 2023 and embark on my professional journey in the industry.


Current Role:  Assistant Creative Designer at Organizational Services Inc. 


I am open to freelance work. Contact me!

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Logan K

Director of Marketing

"Allison was able to bring inspiring energy to the team and continually presented fun but also useful ideas. She is truly dedicated, passionate, ready to learn, and has incredible potential in any field she desires to enter. It has been a privilege to witness and take part in her growth"

Nancy C

Pastoral Associate

"Allison is a young, creative and talented photographer.  She uses her imagination and attention to detail to capture the soul and beauty of her subject.  She has an easy-going personality that makes working with her fun and stress-free."

Pat H

Head of Organizational Services

"Allison is an excellent intern - I truly cannot think of an area of
weakness. Allison is very talented, disciplined, hardworking, and goes
way beyond expectations for this position. I am really happy to
have had the opportunity to work with her."

Portfolio Sections 

Highlighted Work

Branding & Design

Graphic Design & Marketing

  • Produced digital design materials and collaborated with colleagues on the development and completion of marketing missions

  • Created multimedia marketing materials that were chosen to be showcased at Collison 2022 in Toronto, Canada.

  • Designed various print designs while ensuring that the companies standards and requirements were executed as assigned

Multiple Projects

  • Used Letter forms, artistic sketches, andAdobe InDesign to create multiple projects. 

    • Worked on projects that encourage thoughtful exploration of point size, weight, line spacing, letter spacing, typographic grids, and formats.

    • Worked on calligraphy exercises and projects related to fonts, font styles, typographic terms, and typesetting technologies.

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Portfolio MSU- Copywrighting Across Media 

Full copyrighting portfolio for Louis Martini Winery as a mock project for Copyrighting Across Media at Montclair State University Spring 2023.

Brand Development

Brandy Storytelling- MSU 

My objective was to build a brand and go through the five elements and present it to consumers.

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Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 8.28_edited.jpg
Logo Design

Multiple Projects

  • Developing and implementing a unique and original mark or graphic that exclusively identifies an organization, company or business in a way that is true to the brand yet memorable.

Media Proposals

School Project- App Creation

School Project- Social Media Branding

  • Assignment details: As a media programmers and/or content developer, this presentation encourages you to think deeply about various ways in which to get your content out into the world.

  • You must propose a media platform or web-based series, as the basis for this assignment. Be creative in creating connections between various media platforms and ways in which to market your project. 

Empty Theater
Temperature Check
News Package

Videography- SUNY New Paltz

  • Assignment details: You are expected to come up with a news package idea. Once completed you are to write, direct, shoot, edit, and release the project timley on the SUNY DMJ Site. 

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