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Project 4

Project 4  was a series to project 3. After everyone in the class made a collage we did sketches of each students work and picked our groups 3 best sketches to create a digitized version of. One that phase was complete we used our knowladge that we have gained thoughout the course to format are create our own digitized work from the work done by our peers.

Thoughout all the steps we completed when we did a total of three final versions that easily suggested the proper catagories. 

Collage #1: Size, Weight, Interval. 

Collage #2: Hierarchy, Active Rhythm. 

Collage #3: Navigation, Structure, Grouping.

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After sketching all our our classmates collage works. we did thumbnail sketches for each one. In class we wicked our favorite three sketches and found there matching collages and got right to digitizing it as a replica or copy of the college. 

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After digitizing the collages we had to take three themes into concideration and build our own crafted digital collages for the final trio...


Collage #1:

• Size

• Weight

• Interval


Collage #2:

• Hierarchy

• Active Rhythm


Collage #3:

• Navigation

• Structure

• Grouping

Proj 3 One.png
Proj 3 Two.png
Proj 3 Three.png
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