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Project 5

Project 5  was the final project. We were told to consolidate all of the work we have done this semester on a 27x40 inch poster. We were to keep in mind all of the things we had tried to strengthen over the semester to create a good composition; hierarchy, balance, organization, scale, rhythm, rotation, layering, symmetry & asymmetry, etc.  The guidelines were as followed....


Your poster must feature the following:

  • Typography I

  • VCDS120

  • Fall 2022

  • Montclair State University

  • Your full name*

  • Your portrait (a photo of you shot for this assignment)

  • A brief two- to three-paragraph description, written in your own words, describing your experience in the class. You may use any voice you deem appropriate (e.g., you can be serious/objective, you can be witty, you may write a poem, or write something that resembles a scene from a play, etc.).

  • Short, one- or two-sentence captions describing each project.*


Phase 1 was to sketch while, taking into consideration all of the information above using greeking, lettering, and faux calligraphy to render fonts of your own choosing. Work over a typographic grid to ensure that you respond to implied and obvious relationships among elements. 

Above shows Phases 2 & 3  that were drafts. I was having trouble breaking out of my boxes (Literally). After critique and zoom with my professor I tried my best to break out of my shell and get experimental. This brought me to a whole new vision of my poster and guided me to my final piece below. The way that I tired to take  it easier for me to "break out of my shell" was to make it seem like the page was broken into pieces. Taking my projects out of the boxes and working with them was helpful in broadening my creativity with this poster. This further on helped me to create quirky ideas for my project... 

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