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Project 2

Project 2 took a different approach in broadening our artistic abilities and idea development. In phase 1 we were to submit thirty thumbnail sketches, ten for each theme of formal, experimental. and cheerful.

We were to consider multiple layout options using the greek, lettering, and faux calligraphy.  We were directed to pay close attention to how form (visual style/techniques) and content interact (obvious or hidden meanings).  


In phase 2 we provided  nine digitized layouts using the trio of sketches that you think represent each subject the best. Students used ONLY Adobe InDesign to complete the typesetting.

Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 12.49.46 PM.png
Experimental Before 
Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 9.15.58 AM.png
Experimental After
Cheerful Before 
Cheerful After
Formal Before 
Formal After 
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