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St. James 100th

St. James the Apostle Church in Springfield, NJ commemorated its 100th Centennial, seeking a logo that seamlessly weaves the theme words "Remember, Celebrate, Lead" and brought a sense of movement. 


Graphic Designer and Multimedia Producer


  • Graphic Design 

  • Multimedia Production


  • Developed a captivating logo that skillfully weaves together the theme words, while incorporating elements that convey a sense of movement and progression 

  • Through photography and videography, successfully documented the 100th Centennial celebration, capturing key moments, emotions, and the vibrant spirit of the community coming together

  • Helped to engage the congregation and community members, instilling a sense of pride, unity, and anticipation for the church's continued leadership and impact in Springfield, NJ

Nancy Caputo
Pastoral Associate
"Allison is a young, creative and talented photographer. She uses her imagination and attention to detail to capture the soul and beauty of her subject.  She has an easy-going personality that makes working with her fun and stress-free."
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