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Tall & Strong

A whimsical and nutritious design concept for kids' organic gummy vitamins.


Creative Designer


  • Concept & Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Package Design


  • Concept & Strategy Development:

    • Created a playful and engaging brand concept that appeals to children while emphasizing the nutritional benefits of the organic gummy vitamins.

    • Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy targeting parents, highlighting the product's health benefits and natural ingredients in a fun and informative manner.

    • Incorporated educational elements into the branding to promote the importance of health and nutrition in a creative way.

  • Logo Design: 

    • Designed a whimsical and vibrant logo that reflects the company's name "Tall&Strong" and conveys a sense of fun and health. 

    • Used bright colors and playful typography to attract children's attention while maintaining a professional look to appeal to parents.

    •  Incorporated elements like fruits, vegetables, or playful characters to symbolize the organic and nutritious aspects of the gummy vitamins.

  • Package Design:

    • ​Developed packaging that is visually appealing and easy to recognize on store shelves, incorporating the logo and brand colors prominently.

    • Used child-friendly graphics and illustrations to make the packaging attractive to kids while including essential product information for parents.

    • Considered eco-friendly packaging materials to align with the organic and sustainable ethos of the product, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

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