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zant, your go-to mental health app, provides unbeatable affordability and accessibility with the most extensive network of specialized services.


Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant


  • Print Design

  • UX/UI 

  • Multimedia Production

  • Logo Design


The Inspired Company developed an app named "Therapute." I was brought on board as a Graphic Designer to support the marketing team in their transition to rebrand as "" My main task was to craft fresh graphics and designs for their rebrand launch.

Logan K. 
Director of Marketing

"Allison was able to bring inspiring energy to the team and continually presented fun but also useful ideas. She is truly dedicated, passionate, ready to learn, and has incredible potential in any field she desires to enter. It has been a privilege to witness and take part in her growth"

Zant Blue.png
Zant 3 iPhone Mockup.png
Zant App Descrition.png
Artboard 4.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg
Condom Wrapper
Artboard 5.jpg
Zant Pins Transparent.png
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