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Allison Bratsch (She/ Her) is a senior at Montclair State University preparing to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, December 2023. Allison describes herself as a jack of all trades. She can strategize, create, implement, and complete virtually any task given to her. Allison loves to work hands-on - from photography to advertisements, from social media to graphic design, and so much more. 

Allison has the passion and motivation to create content across media. She acquired a plethora of skills and experiences in communications, marketing, design, multimedia production, and copywriting that have allowed her to develop the critical skills needed to excel in whatever industry or path she chooses.


From creating marketing material for businesses to your everyday content, Allison is ready for her next project to expand her knowledge and fulfill her desire to create. You can contact Allison by clicking the "contact me" button below. 

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